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5 Reasons why you should attend the Luciad User Conference

5 Reasons why you should attend the Luciad User Conference

On October 4th & 5th, Luciad is organizing #LuciadINTERACT ’17, its fourth annual user conference in Brussels. With about 250 geospatial professionals present, it is one of the major events for the Luciad Community in Belgium. I’ve joined Luciad mid 2015 and I’m really excited to participate to my third user conference. Let me explain you why you should be excited as well to join me there.

We live in a world where virtuality is more and more present, you can read blogs, watch videos, attend webinars… so why spending time and money to attend an event in-person?

1.    Get some fresh air

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Attending webinars or reading blogs is interesting but it doesn’t get you out of your daily work environment. Disconnecting from work to experience an event brings a new dimension. I always return from conferences with new ideas and tips that make me more efficient at work. As an example, we all know it is easy to do image processing in a desktop application, but would you trust me if I tell you it is possible to do it in the browser? Airbus will co-present with Luciad an application leveraging your browser capabilities.

2.    Learn from others

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What you can pick up from a face to face discussions doesn’t even get close to a dozen hours of email exchange or phone calls. The Luciad User Conference is still at human size, a couple of hundred people you can discuss with during breaks, or the social event. Come and challenge people. Working at Luciad, I’m so happy to meet people from many different companies and domains. There are so many things to learn from each other. The Geospatial domain is required everywhere nowadays, and what we apply in some domains could be worth it in other domains as well. As an example, we have a very interesting presentation about an R&D project in the aviation domain “Augmented Reality and Synthetic Vision in the Airport Control Tower”. All the concepts and technologies learned and developed in this aviation use case can be applied to any other domain. Another very interesting session is “Handling geo-temporal data”. Geospatial is everywhere for years now, but temporality, what we call the 4D at Luciad, is a key component nowadays, because data has history and is continuously moving in space, and time. While many applications ignore the time, at that session you will see how easy it is to integrate your geo-temporal data in a modern and performant application.

3.    Meet the developers

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Many conferences from software companies are disguised marketing or business development events. As a developer or project manager, meeting the brains behind the software is a great opportunity. Besides the many presentations from our core development team, you can also schedule a meeting with the developers and ask them everything you’ve always wanted to know!

4.    Discover the real thing

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This year, we will have an exhibition area where our sponsors will be available to show you their newest applications, solutions, ideas. Again, this is far better than just looking at a website and you will have the opportunity to discuss with our partners from Oracle, Canon, ALX, and many others. It is always valuable to see hands-on demonstration or to ask questions that struggle you.

5.    Have fun

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Yes, it is part of the deal. Although it is not the most important reason to attend the User Conference, let’s admit that the best conferences are the ones where you had some fun too. On October 4th, there will be a networking dinner where you’ll be able to discuss business and non-business topics while enjoying some good food and drinks (after all, we are in Belgium, we like good food and good drinks).

If you’re convinced now, just like I am, that the Luciad User Conference is the place to be on October 4th&5th then register here.

If you still need some additional arguments to convince your manager, have a look at the agenda on https://interact.luciad.com/

I hope to see you there!

About the author

Frédéric Houbie

Frédéric Houbie

Frédéric is a Senior Product Manager at Luciad. With more than 15 years in the Geospatial domain, he shares his time between Research Projects, Software Architecture and standardization at OGC where he has a seat at the Architecture Board since 2010.

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