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7 Reasons to upgrade your Luciad software

7 Reasons to upgrade your Luciad software

If you are a true Luciad-adept, you will definitely have heard that the Luciad V2017.1 product suite has been released this week. In case you missed this important announcement because you were travelling to Mars or so, you can read the press release here.

As with every Luciad release, the software has first been beta tested by several partners and customers. While Luciad guarantees full backward compatibility for all earlier releases that are still in use and maintained, we still encourage all users to upgrade. Even if you are fully satisfied with what Luciad is currently offering you (which is very likely to be the case), yet there might be a number of benefits for you to consider the upgrade.

First of all, because you can. The upgrade comes at no cost for all users who are having a maintenance contract. Secondly, it’s incredibly easy: you just need to configure your project to use the newest version of our libraries.

Once you applied the free and simple upgrade, you will benefit from numerous new features that will make your work much easier. Besides turning all users into a “one minute data manager”, Luciad is also focusing on enhancing both the user and developer experience with the new Lucy showcase. For an exhaustive overview of all new features, we refer to the new feature documents on the Luciad Developer Platform.

By adopting the latest features, you can eliminate unnecessary customization and deploy the available out-of-the-box functionality at a maximum. This will allow you to be much more efficient and it will increase the speed of your Luciad applications.

Another advantage of switching to the latest software release is that bugs have been fixed. Even though the Luciad software is thoroughly tested, unfortunately there’s no such thing as bug free software.

Using the latest Luciad software versions also ensures compatibility with other updated technologies so you can fully benefit from the updates that have been applied to your browser or operating system. This being said, our server solution LuciadFusion V2017.1 now also comes with full MacOS support.

Adopting the most recent version of Luciad software will make sure you comply with all industry standards and format evolutions. This will allow you to rely on full support for OGC standards.

Convinced now to upgrade? Contact customer services to receive your Luciad V2017.1 version. You won’t regret it!

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Nele Coghe

Nele Coghe

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