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Meet the Luciad hackathon winners: Team Augmented Foosball

Meet the Luciad hackathon winners: Team Augmented Foosball

On February 15&16, Luciad organized its first internal hackathon. During 24 hours Luciad employees had the opportunity to develop the project of their dreams. In this series, we’ll zoom in on the winning projects.

Luciad employees contribute to the development of mission critical applications. This obviously requires full concentration from them. Therefore it’s important that they can blow off some steam from time to time, hence Luciad management has decided to put a foosball table in the cafeteria.

For Tom Crauwels, product manager at Luciad, it only made sense to make the foosball table the subject of his hackathon project. After all, Luciad is all about real-time situational awareness, and isn’t that what foosball is about?? The requirements of Toms project were exactly the same as when dealing with requirements from customers: the application needs to work with real-time and dynamic data, image processing needs to be included and the accuracy&performance of the application is key.  

Meet the Luciad hackathon winners: Team Augmented Foosball

Tom placed a webcam above the foosball table and fed the images in Luciad's desktop solution, LuciadLightspeed. He used the image processing capabilities of the software to highlight the areas in those images that have pixel values with the same hue as the ball. In order to find those highlighted areas Tom made use of Luciad’s contour finding capabilities that are included in the terrain analysis module. The ball was then tracked on a non-geospatial view of Luciad’s desktop solution with the webcam feed in the background. Tom added a history trail, density map and calculated speed of the ball to augment the mission critical foosball game in real time.

Have a look at the video below to see the real deal. Please note that the video was accelerated after 10 seconds. The red areas of the density map indicate the most frequent positions of the ball which makes it quite obvious which side has won.  

Congratulations Tom with your hackathon project! Mission accomplished.

Read in part 2 of this series all about the project of team Space is the Place.

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