Hexagon Geospatial Day - United Kingdom

- - Technology School (formerly the DCC) Defence Academy, Shrivenham

Hexagon Geospatial Day - United Kingdom

Hexagon Geospatial | Luciad organize its first Hexagon Geospatial Day in the United Kingdom

On Thursday 27th September, Hexagon Geospatial is organizing its annual Defense seminar (formerly the Luciad UK Seminar), entitled “Fighting Off the Same Data: Gaining the Advantage”.

This event will be filled with impressive technology demonstrations, hands-on experiences, and engaging presentations. We aim to raise the bar of your expectations and highlight what can be available today in C4ISR applications.

Share ideas and discover how the connection between Hexagon Geospatial and Luciad can provide agile, enhanced, open, and highly performant C4ISR systems - capability that can enable smart, real-time, location intelligence solutions for Defense.

Don’t miss this opportunity to:

  • Learn how Luciad technology enables a Common Operating Picture that lets you visualize information in new ways on the desktop or in the browser to improve understanding and enable better decision making.
  • Understand critical trends and patterns in your intelligence data using Feature Analyzer.  This Hexagon Smart M.App is just one of our cloud-based solutions that is ready for deployment.

A working agenda is available on the registration page.