Aviation is a complex industry that is constantly growing. Security has and will always remain a top priority.

Pilots, air traffic controllers, flight dispatchers, … they all share a need for real-time, robust, secure, highly reliable and easy-to-use geospatial systems.

Today Luciad is used within

  • Flight Planning & Tracking
  • Central Flow management
  • Air Command & Control
  • System-Wide Information Management
  • Electronic Flight Bags and En-Route systems
  • Unmanned Traffic Management

Situational Awareness

Luciad puts you in the seat of the Air Traffic Analyst. Review 24 hours of the entire world’s air traffic. Change between 2D and 3D. Zoom, pan, and tilt the 3D view. Pause, play and change the speed of the air traffic. Filter and focus on the flights, airports or airlines of your choice.

Visualize the world's daily air traffic in 3D

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