Military leaders must make decisions quickly. They have lives at stake and depend on accurate information. 

Luciad offers a unique platform for all geospatial content of any defense organization and ensures mission success with its technology. Technology that does not only meet the needs of today, but also of tomorrow.

Today Luciad is used within

  • Battle Management Systems
  • Future Soldier & Special Forces Solutions
  • Defense Logistics Systems
  • Strategic C2 and Border Protection Systems
  • Mission Planning & Simulation Systems
  • Unmanned Operations
  • Joint & Multinational Operations

Terrain Analysis

Luciad’s terrain processing capabilities include the evaluation of terrain elevation data. Hypsometric calculations take elevation data as input, and return results that allow you to gain detailed insight into the features of the terrain. Luciad’s terrain analysis engine is also able to calculate a line-of-sight (LOS) coverage from a central location to its surrounding environment. In the resulting image, the surrounding area is styled according to the visibility of an object in the LOS area from the central location.

Military Symbology and Tactical Graphics for Full Situational Awareness

Luciad provides full support for symbols and tactical graphics of the latest military symbology standards, in 2D and 3D. This support includes the lookup, creation, visualization, and editing of military symbols and tactical graphics. Luciad integrates the various military data formats at your disposal to offer full situational awareness.

Graph & Routing Engine

Luciad’s graph and routing engine allows to exploit the network structure of your geospatial data, and make use of algorithms to construct graphs and solve routing challenges. Support is provided for all kinds of network-related processing, such as shortest path or cross-country movement calculation to ensure mission success.

Download the Luciad white paper about military land operations.