Luciad's contribution to the Arctic Spatial Data Pilot

Demonstrating the diversity, richness and value of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to Arctic stakeholders.

The Arctic Spatial Data Pilot (ArcticSDP), an 18 month study, was initiated to demonstrate the diversity, richness and value of providing geospatial data using international standards in support of spatial data exchange. It shows how standards help stakeholders gain new perspectives into social, economic, and environmental issues by providing an online network of resources that improves the sharing, use, and integration of information tied to geographic locations in North America, the Arctic, and around the world.

Case study data

Interoperability and open standards enable efficient exchange and use of polar data, which benefits research on topics such as climate, oceans, ecosystems and permafrost.

Luciad contributed a set of OGC web services delivering polar data and used its Lucy application framework to showcase polar data analysis.

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