Strengthening Operation Planning for Nato Forces with Geospatial Data Visualization

Military leaders depend on accurate information for fast decision-making. NATO Field commanders have more confidence thanks to Luciad. NATO employed LuciadLightspeed, and its Web Map Server to create the interim Geo Spatial Intelligence Tool (iGeoSIT).

iGeoSIT delivers a powerful Common Operating Picture (COP) solution that is easy to deploy. Officers in the field access iGeoSIT with a standard Web browser and simple hardware. The solution works well with limited bandwidth. iGeoSIT gives officers a better handle on the situation they face in battle. And they are able to make decisions more quickly.

Case study data

The creation of iGeoSIT

While conflicts escalated in Kosovo, Bosnia and Afghanistan in the late 1990s, NATO military officers demanded more geographical information about the foreign lands in which they fought. The Geoteam at the NATO Communications and Information Agency’s (NCI Agency) turned to Luciad for help in developing a realtime situational awareness solution.

The product requirements included:

  1. Quick turn-around from development to deployment.
  2. Easy to learn in the field
  3.  Inexpensive to launch.
  4. Ability to handle multiple large data sets in various formats.
  5. No problems visualizing a wide array of geographical references.
  6. Simple process for overlaying important data for operational purposes.

Luciad’s technology handles all of these requirements— merging geographical data from multiple sources stored in different formats. iGeoSIT then integrates the geodata with the rest of the data available for a complete situational analysis. Field officers receive a Common Operating Picture (COP) that presents near real-time locations of own troops, aircraft tracks, and maritime tracks all set against the core foundation mapping and imagery. This rich picture can also incorporate many other Standards-based services such as intelligence information and live incident updates from systems such as JOCWatch.

iGeoSIT application

Analysts and operators use iGeoSIT to visualize terrain, nearby military outposts and obstacles facing troops on the ground. For example, if troops are involved in a traffic accident, their commander can look at critical information all in one place. He can plot the hazardous objects data, find the nearest medical facility and plan the best place to land a helicopter to rescue the injured. In the past, this work could only be done using paper maps and traditional plotting.​

Another plus, iGeoSIT allows NATO commanders in different places to monitor military operations looking at the same live situation map.

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