Luciad Teams Up with Sc2 for Social Media Insight Mapping

Conversations on social media reveal valuable information for decision-makers. Leaders have a new tool to capture and analyze social media posts and tweets and keep what they find private. Sc2 Corp created the Human Terrain Analysis System (HTAS).

HTAS is an application to analyze social media communication that uses Luciad technology to map where conversations occur and plot when they happened. It also analyzes what people are saying. All of this takes place in an appliance purchased by the user, not in the cloud. 

Customers want to keep their data and analytics private and many are not comfortable with cloud-based platforms, says Robert Guidry, CEO of Sc2. Guidry and several former colleagues from U.S. military special operations teams created Sc2 in 2015.

Case study data

In special operations, we kept looking at social media as highly relevant to finding out what’s happening on the ground. We created a way to get information from people who are actually on the ground by people who are actually saying it, not from a second-hand source.

Robert Guidry

CEO, Sc2 Corp

Guidry reached out to Luciad because of its reputation for quality. “In-memory geospatial analytics is where the world is going,” Guidry says. “The idea to see in time and space what people are saying and seeing it geospatially is huge. The ability to do it in a rich environment that LuciadLightspeed offers is amazing.”

HTAS allows the user to find influencers—people who are making ideas happen. “It’s interesting to see where ideas come from for the population you are interested in,” Guidry says.

Military Objectives

Sc2’s founders set out to create a way to understand what people in third world countries are thinking. Their primary audience was U.S. military and special operations leaders.

The general population has more influence than any leader, group or party, Guidry says. That’s why it is important to watch social media. The company needed to analyze data in 40 languages and examine linguistics of the posts and tweets. They also wanted to be able to map and plot the times of conversations.

“We wanted to find out what it would take to build a system for people who are actually involved in the war fight,” Guidry says. “You need a tactical and operational solution that is prebuilt so you can deliver it. We partnered with IBM and Luciad to design the system and HP and Dell to deliver it. The boxes are easy to use, reliable and tactical.”

The appliance—or box, as Guidry calls it—contains the software to handle data collection and analysis. The box also stores the data indefinitely. Users can custom build APIs for other functions.

A Position-Eliminator

The launch faced one major hurdle. The product is a position-eliminator. Guidry says the system can analyze data in half a day that it would take 20 people to analyze in a full day. Most government leaders hesitate to cut their staffs. Guidry has provided HTAS pro bono to some special operations teams. They give it rave reviews.

The Sc2 team has found strong support among insurance companies, investment agencies and marketing groups. Guidry calls knowledge of public opinion of your company “brand protection.”

“In-memory geospatial analytics is where the world is going. The idea to see in time and space what people are saying and seeing it geospatially is huge. The ability to do it in a rich environment that LuciadLightspeed offers is amazing.”

Robert Guidry

CEO, Sc2 Corp

Why Luciad?

Sc2 chose Luciad as a partner because of its exceptional capabilities in geospatial situational awareness solutions. Luciad is the world leader in geospatial solutions for the aviation and defense industries. Major clients including Boeing, Airbus, NATO and Eurocontrol.

“The Luciad part is to take the rich data the system presents and look at it in a way a human really wants to which is in time and space,” Guidry says.

Users can choose to see mapped data two or three dimensionally. A concert promoter can see where people are talking about particular musicians. Or retailers can gage customer interest in particular products in their neighbourhood based on Luciad mapping and Sc2’s tools.

The Sc2 solutions are state-of-the-art for analytics, Guidry says. “What we are doing is greater than what is being done on the cloud,” he says. “If you compare this to what Amazon, Neilson, Google or IBM are offering on the cloud we fare very well in our little box.”

He says in addition to excellent data visualization, Sc2 HTAS provides a great tool for cyber defense. A business or brand quickly learns when to defend itself against negative statements or a shift in opinions. 

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