Develop, Deliver, Together with Luciad, ​Your Geospatial Partner

Develop, Deliver, Together with Luciad, ​Your Geospatial Partner

You have a revolutionary idea using big data. Luciad makes it simple to bring your product to market.

We are number one when it comes to geospatial software for mission and business-critical operations – the brains behind systems used by Eurocontrol to coordinate air traffic across Europe. Boeing, Airbus, NATO and many other defense and aerospace groups also rely on Luciad software for real-time data visualization. They trust our work to move millions of people around the world safely every day.

So if you are looking to get started with geospatial, turn to us as your partner for visualization, data fusion and advanced data processing and analysis software. Luciad helps partners:

  • Develop new products using a simple map interface
  • Deliver ideas to the marketplace quickly
  • Move into new sectors
  • Capitalize on existing capabilities
  • Outshine competitors

Developing Big Ideas

Companies like Amazon, Airbnb and Uber use geo-data to move people and products at the speed of light. The ideas for these tech solutions were once just that – ideas. You may think of the next big thing! Dream it up, and we’ll make it happen.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we help companies large and small create products that add value for their customers through intuitive geospatial interfaces.

Turn to us for effective, precise, high-performing geospatial situational awareness solutions on any platform – web, mobile, desktop or server.

Delivering on Promises

Speed means everything. Our efficient APIs help you develop with minimal coding. No need to waste time and resources developing proprietary tools when our developers have developed connectors for nearly all types of formats, standards and databases.

Our training goes beyond the technical. We include advice on highlighting the key Luciad-powered benefits of your new system through marketing, sales, exhibitions and conferences.

Digging into Data

The growth of connected devices – the Internet of Things – makes data king. Luciad’s software can pull in data from many sources and perform a number of analyses. We unlock the potential of big data!

For example, we’re working with global telecoms providers on solutions to analyze massive amounts of data interactively instead of through static reports. Luciad is also developing the foundations for smart city platforms using 3D city data and contributing to “smart farming.” We developed a system for merging data on soil and fertilizers with weather forecast data and observations of earth (through satellite imagery). Farmers use this to make decisions on irrigation and fertilization. 

The demand for deep information analysis and fully autonomous systems continues to grow. With Luciad, you are ready for anything! We already handle quantities of diverse dynamic data not thought possible until recently.

Driving it Home

Partner with Luciad, and you will blow your competition away. Luciad leads the industry in system accuracy and performance. With life-changing consequences from accurate evaluation of data, don’t mess around with an inferior product. The Luciad advantage allows you to sell with confidence and outperform the competitors.

Learn more by downloading our Lucy Test Drive trial or by contacting a local Luciad representative. With offices around the globe, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and change the world with you.