Luciad Collaborates on Imec Research Project CAPRADS for Rapid Decision Making

Luciad Collaborates on Imec Research Project CAPRADS for Rapid Decision Making

Luciad provides high performance visualization for rapid decision-making in joint research project with university and industry partners.

Luciad recently completed CAPRADS (Context-Aware Platform for Rapid Decision Support), an imec.icon cooperative research project. Luciad worked alongside research groups from the Universities of Leuven and Ghent and key industry partners Televic Education, the provider of educational technology solutions, and secure payment technology provider JForce. The goal of this project was to develop next-generation context-aware and self-learning middleware capable of supporting rapid decision making across diverse use cases.

Once developed, Luciad utilised this middleware to develop a disaster response demonstrator capable of quickly connecting to sources of 4D Big Data and enabling intuitive self-adapting search capabilities. The CAPRADS middleware ensured that the demonstrator could be quickly adapted to multiple use cases, such as evacuation coordination, emergency services and insurance investigation.

Many of the features enabled by the CAPRADS concepts and architecture will be integrated into Luciad solutions and will be essential in ensuring that they can provide next-generation data visualisation and analysis.

Luciad CTO Frank Suykens says, “These insights and tools come right on time, as we are reinforcing our products and services with ever finer geographical awareness, harvested from huge and growing amounts of available geographical context.”

The CAPRADS project was co-funded by imec (iMinds), with project support from Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen, an agency of the Flemish Government.