Luciad leads Emergency Response Demonstrator for Artemis Astute Project

Luciad leads Emergency Response Demonstrator for Artemis Astute Project

As part of the Artemis Joint Undertaking Astute project, Luciad assisted in the development of the Astute Emergency Demonstrator to support firefighting teams and commanders during field operations.​

Using LuciadMobile, the research team developed a mobile application. It is designed to help emergency teams optimize field operations by making them quicker and safer. The demonstrator also aims at reducing the number of injuries and casualties.

Firefighters are equipped with on-sleeve mobile devices running the application. The demonstrator assists the team by detecting floor plans, providing position updates and routing main and fallback exits. The command center can assign tasks and communicate with the team using visual, voice or haptic notifications. The firefighters can also send photos of dangerous surroundings and receive proactive alerts.

LuciadMobile technology played a central role in rendering the map-centric human-machine interface (HMI) for firefighters and the commander.

IOS International, Namahn, Sirris, IBCN, Tekniker and Leitat also contributed to the development of the application.

“Operational users told us that the application is way ahead of technology that is currently available in the emergency domain. We are now working on various new projects, both for scientific research as well as for customers with immediate needs in emergency management and border control,” said Luciad Chief Technology Officer Frank Suykens.

Astute Project

The Artemis Joint Undertaking launched the ###a href="" target="_blank">Astute project in March 2011 to research and improve the effectiveness of embedded and mobile systems. The three-year project developed HMIs that adapt automatically and proactively based on the sensed environment and user state in different use cases.

Twenty key industry partners from seven EU countries took part in the project, including Thales, Atos, Sirris and Luciad. The partners successfully completed the project in March 2014.

Luciad submitted the research proposal to the Artemis Joint Undertaking for the Emergency Response Demonstrator project and also received funding from IWT, a Belgian agency for Innovation through Science and Technology.