Luciad V2016.1 Brings Mac OS X Support, Timeline Integration & More to Geospatial Applications

Luciad V2016.1 Brings Mac OS X Support, Timeline Integration & More to Geospatial Applications

Luciad has announced today that it is launching the 2016.1 version of its suite of geospatial software solutions, which brings geospatial developers and users a range of new capabilities.

"The V2016.1 release continues our R&D focus on four strategic pillars: 3-D in the browser, developer and user experience, data and application integration and visual analytics,” said Luciad’s Chief Technology Officer Frank Suykens. “The fact that we’ve made LuciadLightspeed fully Mac OS X capable makes it one of the only geospatial products that runs in both 2-D and 3-D on Linux, Windows and Mac with a single unified API.”

The updates and features of the V2016.1 release include:

Mac OS X Support

LuciadLightspeed and all its components are now fully supported and optimized for Mac, adding greater flexibility for developers and users to use their preferred hardware.

Timeline Integration

LuciadLightspeed and LuciadRIA time line samples show you how to capitalize on data with a time dimension by visualizing it in an interactive time line below the map.

Realistic 3D Objects in the Browser

LuciadRIA now allows users to create a realistic 3D view of a situation on their maps by representing operationally relevant objects and spaces, such as airplanes, boats or corridors, as 3D volumes. You can now create and visualize any 3D shape on a LuciadRIA map with the support of LuciadRIA 3D meshes.

GML in LuciadRIA

LuciadRIA users can now load and display GML features directly and from web services.

OGC SLD/SE Styling

Users can now set up customized styling in the OGC SLD/SE format and apply it to all coverage types served from the LuciadFusion WMS server. More specifically, users can define raster-type styling for image, raster, elevation and non-tiled coverages.

Luciad Developer Platform

The Luciad Developer Platform is a hub of Luciad information for developers. With this release, Luciad added more than 100 videos to demonstrate the many features of Luciad products. The platform also provides developers with the latest documentation, a frequently updated collection of knowledge base articles and product feature presentations.