Release of the Luciad AIXM 5 Viewer

Release of the Luciad AIXM 5 Viewer

Luciad is proud to announce the release of its Luciad AIXM 5 Viewer.

Luciad AIXM 5 Viewer

In 2009 Luciad developed the world’s first commercially available AIXM 5 technology after Eurocontrol and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) agreed upon the new standard. Luciad technology handles AIXM 5 data for systems including Eurocontrol Digital NOTAM trials, the FAA Special Use Airspace project, FAA AIXM Reference viewer, and various operational systems.

Now, Luciad created its own AIXM 5 viewer, based on the LuciadLightspeed technology. The Luciad AIXM 5 viewer is available for free download on Luciad’s website.

“Our main goal was to create an intuitive user interface and easy installation process enabling users to efficiently and comprehensively view and verify AIXM5 data. As strong believers in open standards, we hope that our free viewer will help drive adoption of AIXM 5.” said Luciad CTO, Frank Suykens.

AIXM 5: The New Standard of Eurocontrol and the FAA

Both Eurocontrol and the FAA worked together to adopt the AIXM 5 standard. AIXM 5 is now the aeronautical information format of choice for future ATC/ATM/AIM systems. Based on open standards (ISO, OGC, ICAO, …) and an accumulation of best practices, AIXM 5 merges static and dynamic data in a single exchange format and allows the digital handling of NOTAMs.

About Luciad 

Luciad is the supplier of choice of software components for leading Systems Integrators worldwide for their Situational Awareness applications in ATC/ATM systems. Luciad’s International customer base includes AENA, Airbus, ATNS, Belgocontrol, Boeing, COMSOFT, DFS, ENAV, EUROCONTROL, FAA, Frequentis, Harris, Lockheed Martin, LVNL, NATO, NATS, NavCanada, NLR, Saab, Sagem, Thales and Thales Raytheon Systems.

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