S-TMM Sistemi and TMS-Sistemi are now Luciad Certified Partners

S-TMM Sistemi and TMS-Sistemi are now Luciad Certified Partners

Luciad welcomes S-TMM Sistemi in Slovenia and its sister company TMS-Sistemi in Croatia to the Luciad Certified Partner Program.

Both companies have built a strong business reputation in the Radio Frequency (RF) industry in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro.

S-TMM Sistemi and TMS-Sistemi are primarily engaged in the design and the deployment of RF systems, and in the training of end users. Their industry experience in combination with being a reliable partner for many years enabled their customers to achieve successful results.

This new partnership allows S-TMM Sistemi and TMS-Sistemi to deliver High Performance Geospatial Situational Awareness applications and services to their customers and to support them at an even higher level.

S-TMM Sistemi and TMS-Sistemi proven track record in the RF industry includes references such as the Ministry of Defense, military and civilian airports, the police, agencies for post and electronic communications and mobile operators.

For more information please contact Luciad at info@luciad.com , S-TMM Sistemi at info@s-tmm.si and TMS-Sistemi at tm-sistemi@tm-sistemi.hr