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  • Geo.Appsmith


    Geo.Appsmith was formed from the idea of putting powerful, life-changing data and under-utilized technologies in the hands of people. We are an exciting team to work with and we enjoy helping clients to leverage on the power of geographic information to derive meaningful location insights. We roll out innovative mobile and web-based applications to provide real-time visualization of data obtained from various sources such as satellite imagery, drones, web-platforms and mobile devices.



    GIS-WIZ focuses on a number of different fields in the Geospatial industry, developing SmarterCAD, an extension to AutoCAD that provides means for faster yet reliable and accurate data creation by using defined specs. It enables GIS capabilities such as synchronization between the attribute table and mapped objects/query and filter fields in the table. Greater levels of collaboration between stakeholders in a multi user project and keeps the data integrity. GIS-WIZ covers all verticals