Luciad Resellers

Resellers represent Luciad either reselling Luciad products or developing Luciad-based products and applications.



    A Brazilian company, focused on the development and integration of systems for geospatial situational awareness in the field of critical environments. Shield Sistemas de Defesa delivers Defense, Security and Logistics systems, and prepares companies for the deployment of Geointeligence solutions.

    Our experience and processes allow us to increase efficiency, safety and quality of operations, allowing for better decision making in a reduced amount of time.

  • Tiaga


    We are proud to represent the Luciad products in Australia and New Zealand.

    Our mission is to provide our customers with the services and support they need in their time zone.

    Our specialized product knowledge gives us the ability to offer you the most current technical support, training and consultation so you can maximize the benefits that can be achieved with Luciad products.

  • VISIONAIRtronics


    VISIONAIRtronics offers soft and hardware solutions in the field of unmanned systems and critical environments. Our portfolio focuses on C4ISTAR and intelligence processes. Typical applications are military operations, border patrol, first responder missions and security. We offer the highest level of quality by implementing aerospace and military standards in accordance with high reliability components.

    VISIONAIRtronics defines itself as the system integrator to simplify your complex operations.

  • Spatial Big Data

    Spatial Big Data

    Spatial Big Data Technology Corp Limited was founded to provide professional services of how to build, design and customize an Animated Five Dimension System (A5DS™, 5D – 3D + Time-Duration+ Detection of Model Perfection) to host, manage and visualize large volumes of either static & dynamic spatial big data sets from various IoT sensor sources in complex formats. We are also experienced in productive integration between BIM-FM facility management and 3D GIS by modern VR/AR/MR technology.

  • Capgemini France

    Capgemini France

    Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services and is the French leader of Geographic Information Systems integration. A national center of excellence and distributed teams work together every day with the most efficient means (virtual window, visual management). Capgemini helps clients giving value to the geospatial dimension of their IT for various use cases and a broad spectrum of industrial markets. Capgemini GIS Center of Excellence works day to day with other Center of Excellence such as BIM, IOT, Cloud, Smartcities... and with a world wide network of GIS teams within Capgemini corporate companies.

  • Sinte


    INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS S.A.S. - SINTE is dedicated to the development of customized solutions that involve hardware & software. SINTE solutions are based on the positioning, tracking and monitoring of all types of objects, mobile and immobile, as well as people.



    Indra is one of the main global consulting and technology companies and the technology partner for core business operations of its clients businesses throughout the world. It provides unique in-house solutions and advanced, high added-value technology services that allow its customers to solve their most critical issues and enhance their processes, efficiency, profitability and differentiation. Indra is a world leader in the development of comprehensive technological solutions in fields such as Defense & Security, Transport & Traffic, Energy & Industry, Telecommunications & Media, Financial Services and Public Administrations & Healthcare.

  • NCS&A


    NCS&A Co. Ltd offers software solutions in visualization, security and management for the public enterprise and defense sector. NCS&A Co., Ltd. was founded in 1961 and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

  • Special Operations Solutions

    Special Operations Solutions

    Special Operations Solutions, specializes in providing highly technical personnel for all parts of the ISR life cycle which include design, integration, testing, and overseas deployment. Currently SOS has personnel deployed to various parts of the world supporting ISR missions 24/7. Our on-site support consists of engineering, technicians, sensor operators, and analysts. The background of team members consist of electrical engineers, network engineers, spectral scientists, imagery analysts, and intelligence analysts. SOS recruits highly dedicated individuals with specialized professional experience and educational levels.

  • Agroprecision Consulting

    Agroprecision Consulting

    Agroprecision Consulting is an Ecuadorian company dedicated to the generation of geoinformation and land use planning.

    Agroprecision provides highly efficient technical professional services to companies, public institutions and private organizations, focusing in the social sector, agriculture, forestry, urban, rural, infrastructure, environmental, generating studies for development projects, diagnostics, feasibility studies, management plans, management models, engineering, cadastre, basic cartography, subject and others.