ATC Playback

Luciad's ATC Playback is a EUROCONTROL-approved solution capable of efficiently replaying, visualizing and analyzing simulated and recorded air traffic data, providing users the insights they need for effective ATC decision-making.

Users benefit from the interactive and easy-to-use capabilities of ATC Playback, which provide them with valuable insight into air traffic simulation data in an efficient way. ATC Playback also includes strong reporting capabilities, which are essential during ATC analysis and the decision-making phase.

Technical information

If you need technical details or are a developer, here is where you can find the information for this solution.

ATC Playback’s delivers a number of critical features for air traffic analysis in the Aviation domain, including:

  • Graphical and dynamic replay of simulated and recorded traffic and analysis data
  • Powerful filtering and styling for customized visualization
  • 2D and 3D reporting capability to stakeholders for strategic air space and airport traffic capacity planning (incl. videos and live demos)
  • Advanced textual and graphic capabilities to support airport capacity analysis including airport movement density, statistics on taxiway usage and graphical taxiway delays
  • Combine simulated data (TAAM, RAMS, SIMMOD, …) with other data sources including Microsoft Bing Maps and ASTERIX to increase insight, and enable validation
  • Available as a ready-to-use application or a set of components that can be used for custom development

Luciad ATC Playback is the product of choice in Aviation for ANSP organizations and customers such as DFS, Skyguide, EUROCONTROL, NATS, AENA, NavCanada, NLR, SICTA, ATNS, IDS and MCR LLC.

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