Exploring Geospatial Big Data with the Power of LuciadLightspeed & SAP HANA

This application extracts data instantly from unstructured text.

Hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables spanning 20 years of history in Africa are visually summarized simultaneously in three different interlinked panels: a map, a word cloud and a timeline. The user can manipulate any of the three panels and immediately see how his selection affects the other panels. For example focus on a particular word (“boko haram”) and see, like in a movie, where and when that organization was mentioned – over the last 20 years!

The technology allows users to discover new insights in a few seconds. Luciad built the application in a matter of days using LuciadLightspeed standard software components. Events can be viewed in space and in time, and the word cloud gives a further description of the situation. Any of the dimensions can be used to filter and select events. LuciadLightspeed is the first visualization software that harnesses the full power of SAP HANA to provide a 5D geospatial view on unstructured data. An analysis including Ethnic and Administrative boundaries helps users understand the events and determine patterns. Zooming in automatically brings up more detailed imagery and data. Imagine how the combination of Luciad and SAP HANA will help you discover the treasures hidden in your Big Data.

Learn how Luciad provides the geospatial platform to harness the power of your company's location data by downloading our insight paper: