What we do

Luciad provides software solutions
for building state of the art Situational Awareness systems

Luciad’s mission is to provide best-of-class visualization, data fusion, and advanced data processing and analysis software, to help its customers turn superior Situational Awareness to their strategic competitive advantage.

Luciad is an international high-tech software company with offices located in Leuven, Belgium, Washington, D.C., Paris, Munich, Madrid, Ankara, Rome, Mexico City and Singapore.


Our products

Luciad provides high performance software tools for rapid application development of advanced systems in the Aviation, Defense and Security markets.

  • LuciadLightspeed

    LuciadLightspeed brings Geospatial Situational Awareness into a new era. LuciadLightspeed is designed for rapid development of high-end Situational Awareness applications in all areas of C4ISR and ATC/ATM.


  • LuciadMobile

    LuciadMobile enables rapid development of Geospatial Situational Awareness applications for mobile devices. LuciadMobile has specific benefits for the development of applications in the Defense & Security and Aviation domains.


  • LuciadRia

    LuciadRIA enables the development of advanced and easy-to-use cross-browser Geospatial Situational Awareness based applications using the available web-based technologies of today (HTML5, AJAX, ...).


  • LuciadFusion

    LuciadFusion is an application designed to manage, fuse and serve Geospatial data. Customers select LuciadFusion for the benefits of Intelligent Data Management, High-Volume Data Processing & Storage, and serving data to multiple Situational Awareness applications from a central source.





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