From geospatial platform to next generation solutions

Our software components empower users to unlock the power of advanced geospatial analytics, providing real-time situational awareness that the modern world demands.

Performance as fluid as data

The human eye is a highly developed tool for picking up movement and change, but works best with seamless movement. Systems built with Luciad technology provide a smooth performance at 60FPS even when managing complex and continuous moving data.

Geospatial Analytics for the future

The volume of data we produce is growing at an exponential rate, and the types of data are continually expanding. Neither shows signs of slowing down. Luciad provides the building blocks which enable users to develop 2D, 3D and 4D visualization solutions which can scale to meet future challenges.

Crucial insights in real time

Luciad provides the foundations for truly interactive solutions capable of analyzing and visualizing real-time data. Whether in the control room or the board room, our advanced geospatial analytics enable split-second decision making.

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Our solutions

Luciad's efficient software provide users with advanced geospatial analytics applications that are both intuitive and beautiful.

  • Browser

    LuciadRIA is the answer to today's demands for powerful, lightweight applications in the browser. Driven by today’s most advanced web technologies, LuciadRIA uses WebGL, HTML 5 and Javascript to deliver desktop-like performance to your web applications.

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  • Desktop

    LuciadLightspeed provides the foundations for advanced geospatial analytics applications. It allows users to rapidly develop high performance C2 and location intelligence applications with clean design implementation and rapid application development.

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  • Server

    LuciadFusion is an all-in-one server solution for your data publication workflow and geospatial data management. Luciad’s server solution allows you to manage your data intelligently, store & process many data formats & feed data to numerous applications.

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  • Mobile

    LuciadMobile takes the power of geospatial intelligence out of the office and into the field; from the frontline onto city streets. LuciadMobile empowers users to create flexible applications for Android devices.

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  • AIXM 5 Viewer

    The Luciad AIXM 5 Viewer is based on the LuciadLightspeed technology and offers a complete toolkit for AIXM 5 data handling, helping you deal with the richness and complexity of the format.

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  • Air Traffic Control

    Luciad's ATC Playback is a EUROCONTROL-approved solution capable of efficiently replaying, visualizing and analyzing simulated and recorded air traffic data, providing users the insights they need for effective ATC decision-making.

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  • Lucy Test Drive

    The Lucy Test Drive brings you our powerful application interface. The trial gives you a Track Analysis tool with data from skiers in the Alps, as well as access to our Lucy Map Centric interface to visualize your geospatial data.

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Testimonials & clients

We pride ourselves on offering world-class support to our clients. Our thinking is that support is part of the business of developing custom software solutions.

Luciad technology is used for SASS-C V7, a performance assessment system of ATM surveillance infrastructures requiring huge volume of data handling, statistical processing and visualization.

Emmanuel Voet

SASS-C Product Manager at Eurocontrol

LuciadLightspeed is an impressive product which offers us exactly what we need in terms of high performance HMI and flexibility in geospatial visualization.