Excellent service in the information industry means more than having large amounts of data. You must have the ability to share data in a meaningful, understandable way. Enter the power of combining Luciad technology with database management systems.

Technology leader Oracle has worked with Luciad solutions for 15+ years to manage, analyze and visualize geospatial data. Hans Viehmann, EMEA product manager for Oracle’s spatial and graph technologies, says the need for analyzing data has exploded. 
Organizations want to use geospatial data in conjunction with data from multiple sources, from crowd-sourcing to sensors to conventional reports.

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“Data needs to be pulled together into one environment to enable the analytics needed for many purposes, the advent of Cloud computing makes it possible to deal with data at a scalable level while reducing cost and complexity. Solutions are easy to use and allow for a low barrier to entry to these types of analytics.”

Hans Viehmann

EMEA Product Manager


Oracle partnered with Luciad to deliver a Smart City solution, an application which supports cities with massively large amounts of data. The platform pulls together a citywide network of data from— both human movement and technical sensors—which constantly informs city leaders of what’s going on in their communities. 

LuciadLightspeed allows them to visualize all their data in real time, using 3D models of the city with thousands of textured buildings—stored and managed in Oracle® Exadata Database Machine with Spatial and Graph in a scalable, highly performant manner. Then, when it’s time to plan security for a festival, redevelop a neighborhood or manage drone traffic, the city’s IT team combines the 3D models with other data sources for applications. City managers and police forces benefit from the ability to quickly convey their message using the visuals of the Smart City platform.

“In Smart Cities, you are generating huge amounts of data coming from all different kinds of sources, all of which need to be put into context."

Hans Viehmann

EMEA Product Manager

As we live in a three-dimensional world, Oracle provides technologies to manage, analyze and store 3D information in the database and data infrastructure—with the highest scalability, security and performance using Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Spatial and Graph. The Luciad components can then render this information—combined with real-time information from sensors—in a highly interactive and visually appealing way.


Commercial organizations and cities using big data turn to Luciad to visualize what they know. Harnessing and visualizing big data requires big thinking. Luciad developers are focused and flexible, qualities that make partnering with us a pleasure. Oracle has worked with Luciad for years.

“Luciad and Oracle complement each other perfectly, We provide the infrastructure and the Luciad platform addresses the actual solution requirements.

Hans Viehmann

EMEA Product Manager

Oracle recommends Luciad because of its exceptional capabilities in geospatial situational awareness solutions. Luciad is the world leader in geospatial solutions for business and mission-critical systems. Major clients including Boeing, Airbus, NATO and Eurocontrol. We look at data in the way people think, visualizing time and space.

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