Discover V2014.0

Discover V2014.0

Luciad refreshes its product suite, enabling high-performance and highly-accurate applications for data fusion, visualization, and analysis of Geospatial data.

2014.0 introduces many new capabilities that are important for applications in the Aviation, Defense, Maritime, Public Safety & Homeland Security and Utilities domains.

Join the thousands of Luciad users across the globe and learn how LuciadLightspeed, LuciadFusion, LuciadRIA and LuciadMobile can take your situational awareness applications to the next level.

New features in V2014.0 include:

  • Military Tactical Symbology in Browser Applications
  • Hardware-Accelerated Aeronautical Charts
  • Enhanced Maritime ECDIS Data Management
  • Visualization of LIDAR Point Cloud Data
  • SAP HANA Data Connector

To discover all the new features included in the V2014.0 release, please contact your Luciad Account Representative or email