Luciad makes its entire product suite freely available to 2014 SESAR SWIM Master Class participants

Luciad makes its entire product suite freely available to 2014 SESAR SWIM Master Class participants

Luciad will make available its entire geospatial software product suite at no cost to participants in the 2014 SESAR SWIM Master Class organized by Eurocontrol. This year’s focus is on enabling global interoperability in ATM through SWIM.

“Participants to the Master Class can benefit tremendously from using our products”, explains Frank Suykens, CTO at Luciad. “First, the technology is proven to be performant and successful. Luciad’s software is widely used within Eurocontrol and in the 2013 edition of the SESAR SWIM Master Class Luciad was awarded a Silver Medal for its submission. Second, participants will be able to very rapidly implement their ideas into a tangible solution. Luciad’s submission last year consisted of two separate applications. They were built in only four weeks by a junior developer who had just joined the company”.

As announced at last year’s award ceremony, participants to the 2014 SWIM competition can freely use all Luciad software for the purposes of the competition without any cost involved. They will also have free access to Luciad Product Support Helpdesk.

Luciad’s product range includes LuciadLightspeed, LuciadMobile, LuciadRIA, LuciadFusion and Luciad ATCPlayback. Interested organizations can find an overview of the Luciad products on our website.

Luciad has made it as easy as possible for interested organizations to take advantage of this offer. You can simply contact for a license and more information.

“The SESAR SWIM Master Class is an initiative that brings together an entire community of organizations and individuals who believe that the future of civil aviation lies in a truly globally networked environment.” says Christoph De Preter, CCO at Luciad. “More than about winning an award, the SESAR SWIM Master Class is really about creating a community. Luciad’s geospatial components are all about interoperability, open standards and openness to other technologies. In line with this vision, Luciad will not only make its own submission for the Master Class, but also open its technology to other participants.”