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Brings Situational Awareness into a new era

Luciad’s flagship product is LuciadLightspeed, a next generation software solution that Systems Integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers can use to rapidly develop their applications in mission-critical C4ISR and ATC/ATM systems. LuciadLightspeed brings Situational Awareness into a new era, and customers appreciate the value it brings in allowing significantly faster developments of applications, combined with unparalleled performance and accuracy.

LuciadLightspeed provides software components and functionalities that enable data fusion, visualization and analysis of geospatial information. This can include static and moving data, maps, satellite imagery, and terrain elevation in many different formats and references. The product is based on a modular and open architecture approach which combined with the meticulous adherence to standards, guarantees a very clean design implementation and a very fast speed of application development by the customer. LuciadLightspeed deployed applications remain backwards compatible and are platform independent.


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