LuciadFusion enables the management, fusing and deployment of location data. As Luciad's server solution, LuciadFusion allows users to manage their data intelligently, store and process a multitude of data formats and feed data to numerous applications.

LuciadFusion is an all-in-one server solution for your cartographic workflow and geospatial data management. It offers intuitive data management for non-GIS specialists and faster data processing than with any other commercial solution. It allows you to organize your data so that all users have one-click access to a data set specifically optimized for their needs.

Technical information

If you need technical details or are a developer, here is where you can find the information for this solution.

Manage data centrally, access it quickly

LuciadFusion manages data distribution centrally so that users can access data quickly and efficiently. LuciadFusion automatically configures the most appropriate settings for data fusion, and feature data can be pre-configured, fused and distributed with very detailed feature filtering and styling information. This information is stored as OGC-compliant Symbology Encoding (SE) information.

Store and process extremely large data sets

Store every detail of your big data, including scientific sensor data, satellite imagery and meteorological data. LuciadFusion maintains information and bit depth of multispectral, hyperspectral, and multidimensional imagery, allowing for further analysis and processing after fusion. You can then distribute full or selected data sets through Luciad and OGC protocols.

Fuse and serve new multi-layered and multi-dimensional formats

LuciadFusion supports a number of additional raster formats that are characterized by their multi-layered nature, such as ERDAS Imagine, OGC NetCDF and ECRG. Luciadfusion preserves all the features of those raster layers and dimensions, so that they are easily and quickly available for further processing.

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Formats and Standards

Raster data

ADRG, ASRP, BCI, BIL, BMP, CADRG, CIB, DTED, ECRG, ECW, ESRI TFW & JGW, ETOPO, GeoPDF, GeoTIFF, GIF, Google Earth Enterprise (GEE) (Beta), GRIB, JPEG, JPEG2000, MapInfo TAB, MrSID, NetCDF, NITF, NSIF, Oracle Spatial, PNG, PPM, Spot DIMAP, Swiss DHM, USGS DEM, USRP. GDAL-supported formats including ARC / Info Binary Grid(AIG), BSB Nautical Chart Format, ARC / Info Export E00 GRID, ENVI HDR Labelled Raster, ERDAS Imagine, ERDAS Imagine Raw, ILWIS Raster Map, Intergraph Raster, PCI Geomatics database File, PCRaster, Sentinel 1 SAR SAFE, Sentinel 2, SAR CEOS, SRTM HGT, GDAL Virtual, ASCII Gridded XYZ.

Any other format can be supported through custom development.

Vector data

ESRI Shape, MapInfo MIF & MAP, GML, VPF, S-57, S-63.

Any other vector format can be supported through custom development or rasterization.

Supported databases

Oracle Spatial, PostgreSQL PostGIS

Supported standards

  • OGC - WMS, WMTS, WFS , WCS, Filter, Symbology Encoding 
  • ISO 19115 metadata
  • XML server configuration