Lucy Test Drive

The Lucy Test Drive brings you our powerful application interface. The trial gives you a Track Analysis tool with data from skiers in the Alps, as well as access to our Lucy Map Centric interface to visualize your geospatial data.

Based on our powerful desktop solution LuciadLightspeed, the Lucy test drive allows you to see the power and simplicity of Luciad's geospatial tools. Use the Track Analysis tool to analyze GPX ski data in the alps and see some of the many visualization and analysis tools we offer out of the box. Alternatively, you can use the Lucy Map Centric interface to drag and drop numerous types of geospatial data in 2D or 3D.

Technical information

If you need technical details or are a developer, here is where you can find the information for this solution.

GPX Track Analysis

The Track Analysis tool of the Lucy Test Drive trial provides you with a platform to visualize and analyze your time-enabled GPX track data. Use the sample data of three skiers in the Alps, or upload your own time-enabled GPX data to perform track analysis using Lucy’s standard analysis tools.


LuciadLightspeed’s application component Lucy offers a complete framework for rapid, high-level deployment. Use the Lucy application component of the Lucy Test Drive trial to experience the power of a complete geospatial application.

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Formats and Standards

Raster Data

  • BIL
  • BMP
  • CIB
  • DTED
  • ESRI TFW and JGW
  • GeoTIFF and BigTIFF
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • JPEG2000
  • MapInfo TAB
  • PNG
  • PPM

Vector Data

  • CGM
  • Collada
  • ESRI Shape
  • GeoJSON
  • MapInfo MIF & MAP
  • OpenFlight (3-D)
  • SVG
  • Wavefront OBJ (3-D)

Open Standards Supported in Lucy

  • OGC Filter
  • OGC Symbology Encoding (SE)
  • ISO 19115 metadata


To run the Lucy Test Drive, you need a PC with the following specifications:

  • Windows Vista and later, macOS X 10.9 and later, or Linux
  • 4 GB of system memory
  • A recent 3D graphics card (OpenGL 3.0 compatible graphics card with at least 1 GB of video memory)
  • 500MB available hard disk space
  • Admin rights to install
  • Internet connection

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